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"If you're performing any kind of advertising at all, I'd recommend making content marketing part of your strategy."[link]
RO can help you create a strategy.

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The Beauty of Quality Code

Website Development refers to the writing of the code used to take a website from a mock-up in Photoshop to a fully functioning website. The Reliably Online System uses standards compliant HTML and CSS to create websites more efficiently and that have greater accessibility, download more quickly and are easier for the developer to maintain.

After creating the Clients custom-designed template, Reliably Online uses PHP, MySQL and open-source Content Management System (eg. WordPress, Joomla!) to create the pages of the website. This enables the Client to self-administer the content (text and images) of their website using a simple web-based text editor. Reliably Online then populates the Pages with content giving a professional polish to the formatting which the Client can then emulate when updating the website.

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